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The Codex Comic Book Edition 2

The Codex Comic Book Edition II


You'll be able to download a full copy of The Codex: Comic Series 


The Codex is about a young boy named D'Vo and his love for God. Embark on an extraordinary odyssey alongside D'Vo, a young boy endowed with the remarkable gift of conversing with the divine in "The Codex." In the face of life's trials, he uncovers his profound purpose under the benevolent guidance of the Lord. Follow his awe-inspiring expedition of faith and self-discovery, delving deep into the heart of God's wisdom and the essence of Christianity.

This mysterious and true-to-life narrative invites you to explore the depths of spirituality and the boundless power of belief, leaving you with a soul-enriching revelation: in the tapestry of faith, miracles await those who truly believe.

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