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Butterflies, I get butterflies (out of my mind)

Oh, what music does to me, oooo

That’s what music feels like

Oooo that’s what music feels like

It’s music, it touches me, always knew

Something was special about it

Gives me butterflies, music oh oh


Gotta get this work I gotta get this paper right

Just let me do my thang and let me pimp

The pen and mic, I’m on my grind 

And all aligned living spiritually

All I can be living within my destiny

Inside a mind so thorough and I

Stay on point, and at a time

When the world’s in an uproar

2020 came through kinda cutthroat

And people stoop low tryna maintain bro

There’s hope in music grace and love, creativity

The beat can keep ya groovin’

Especially when the Spirit moving

And lead you through the disappointment

That the world fosters, spend my favorite record

To help me get through all my problems

Going in instead of leaving all this tension 

Bottled, I feed often off the music

And the melody, butterflies in my stomach

Thinking lyrically, peace and harmony

Eternal living life free


Butterflies, I get butterflies (out of my mind)

Oh, what music does to me, oooo

That’s what music feels like

I get butterflies, crazy inside my mind

I get butterflies, holdin’ back all this time

I get butterflies, daydreamin’ all the time

I get butterflies, music and soul combined

I get butterflies

We internationally on a level that can’t be touched

Avenging soul with this music and it’s true funk

Butterflies in my stomach when the beat knock

Like Enoch, going in like it’s

Living life fast forward ain’t no more time

Just let the music take you to a better place now


Ooooo, ooooo, oh

Music, music, music, music

Butterflies, like the first time

My first crush, my mind’s racing

My mind’s racing, my mind’s racing

But that’s what music feels like

Oh I get butterflies

Behind The Song

D'Vo's song 'Butterflies' from his album 'The Codex: Court Vision' portrays a Butterflies is a nostalgic 90s R&B track about that feeling you get when you're doing something you love, and for me, it's creating music.



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