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Go Get It: Tips For Living Your Dreams

"You can, you can do anything you want, anything you want.

Just get up and grind and go get it!"

n.e.r.d. life by D'Vo Go Get It. Tips for living your dreams

The hook of my song, Go Get It, might sound a little cliche but I want to remind you that it's true. Whatever is in your heart to do, you can accomplish it. But it's going to take some grind, hard work, and consistency.

In case you've never heard my back story, I was working in banking & finance while going to college when I was called to create music. Singing and songwriting are natural passions of mine, but creating music was a skill set I had to learn. It wasn't until I got up and started learning that it became easier for me to understand.

Take The First Step

Is there a passion tugging at your heartstrings? Have you taken that first step in that direction? Maybe the first step is to simply start learning and researching some things. One major setback to accomplishing anything is getting too far ahead before you've actually counted the cost. Do your research! Consider everything that is required to make it happen and then find out how it fits into your lifestyle. You might have to make some sacrifices and adjustments.

Make Some Changes

For me, I made a major sacrifice by quitting my job. 😅 IDK, I guess you can say the tables turned in my favor and I saw a clear opportunity for me to put my all into creating my first album. For you, you might have to cut back on television, cut spending, and carve out more time to get things done. Think about the changes you can make to get you closer to living your dreams.

Don't Quit

Whatever you do, don't quit! You will never live your dreams if you quit when things get tough. As I mentioned, creating music using mixing and mastering software was foreign to me. You have to decide that quitting is not an option, especially if you've already started. Who knows where you could be a few months from now because you chose to stay committed.

Check out this story about Charles Drew, an African American scientist who invented the blood banks. He didn't allow his skin color and critics to prevent him from leaving his mark on the world.

Your friend n.e.r.d. life by D'Vo is rooting for you. I want to leave you with my song, check out the video when you get a chance, and share this blog if it encouraged you to Go Get It!



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