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Grammy Nominated Producer OG Ron C Brings “Chopped Not Slopped” Magic to The Codex:
Court Vision

September 25, 2023  

OG Ron C and D'Vo The Codex
Music Collaboration with OG Ron C

What To Expect?

OG Ron C, a Houston legend of the group Swisha House, has left an indelible mark on the music industry. This American DJ and radio personality has also earned a Grammy nomination for his remarkable work as a record producer. His contributions extend beyond the studio, as he's an executive in the entertainment and management industry. Currently signed to OVO Sound, OG Ron C continues to push boundaries and make an impact on the music scene. As an on-air DJ for KQBT 93.7 The Beat, he continues to connect with audiences. OG Ron C's forthcoming music collaboration with D'Vo, titled "The Codex: Court Vision," is set to release on ChopNotSlop on September 25, 2023, and promises to be a testament to his signature "screwed and chopped" style, which played an instrumental role in shaping music scene from the early 2000s until now.

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