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We Need More Positive Music

It is our responsibility to leave an impressionable impact for our listeners, for our children, for our future. That's what inspired me to write the song, 'Halitosis'. I feel as though most artists are thinking about the monetary gains, fame, and the perks of being ‘on top’, but don’t necessarily think about their impact on the culture. Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution? We must have those moments of repentance and reflection with our Heavenly Father.

I want to attack this differently, in a manner that puts God first. We’ve gotten so far from the Bible’s principles, to when we can’t pray publicly. Schools and governmental laws have been desensitized to God. In the music industry, mainstream music channels that feature spiritual work are classified differently and have their separate channels. If we truly put God first, why are we allowing a secondary outlet for that? I was proud to see Justin Beiber and Chance the Rapper’s new song, Holy, broadcasted on all channels, and be the country's number one song.

I feel that we need to hit the reset button and music is where it all starts. Our hip-hop music needs to be uplifting; it should lift one another. I would like to see more positive music to offset Satan’s agenda. So the concept of ‘The Codex: The Christian Hip Hop Series’ is to be that outlet of positivity people can relate to. It still relates to our human side, but the focal point is based on getting to Heaven, the most important task in our lives. The goal is to change our culture so that we are not empowering the division and instead, moving toward the same goal of getting to Heaven, no matter the nationality.

As a way to further positive music and media, I started this cool social media page called 'Not Enough Positivity' based on the quote mentioned previously. If you're a musician and you think your music should be featured, hit us up here.


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