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FN Meka vs. n.e.r.d. life by D'Vo

The music industry has had its share of anonymous musicians, like Daft Punk, Banksy, but never have we imagined an AR artist or a robot artist. Many "fake humans" are popping up on social media today and gaining massive followers for how real they appear.

FN Meka was the first artificial intelligence musician the world has seen. He made his appearance in 2019, right around the time I started making my first album, and he was actually signed to Capitol Records in August 2022. He's a 3D avatar with green braids and he's actually voiced by a real person like me.

FN Meka artificial intelligence rapper

Unfortunately, Capitol Records released him from their label due to racial controversy. Most of his music was taken from streaming services and he pretty much has a dead social profile now.

However, FN Meka wasn't the first anonymous or digital artist. Most anonymous musicians we've seen in the industry perform live but they wear masks. But there have been few like me who use digital art to preserve their personal identity.

Who is n.e.r.d. life by D'Vo?

I'm an anonymous musician who uses digital art and animations to connect with my listeners. I create Experimental Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul music and I often fuse these genres together. I'm signed to my own independent label, Element 11, INC. and I am currently based in the Houston area.

If you're from Houston, you probably can tell I'm a native by the sounds of some of my music. I have an animator on my team who helps me bring my character to life and I interact as D'Vo on social media. You won't hear racial slurs in my music, I choose to take a more positive approach to hip-hop with faith and encouraging messages in my lyrics.

My first album was created in 2019 and my fourth studio album is set to be released this year in 2023. You might wonder why I choose to protect my identity, well, most famous people wish they would have, so I'd rather keep my sanity. 🥲 More importantly I called to create music this way so when the man up stairs talks, I make sure I listen. You can see the evolution of my character below.

I recently got 3D sculpted images of the 2D character and paid a pretty penny for those. You can also see some amazing animation work my animator is creating.

I appreciate you for learning more about me. I've made some of the best experimental hip-hop albums and if you're interested in connecting more with me and hearing some of my inspiration, I want to invite you to join the Codex.



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